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The high-concentration 10% 12% 13% 15% sodium hypochlorite  generator   
It is a kind of machine for producing high-concentration sodium hypochlorite solutions at site , greatly satisfies the need for high concentration sodium hypochlorite products, and solves transportation and storage problems. Membrane sodium hypochlorite generator manufactured by BLUEWAV 
Technology Co., Ltd. is the only technology company in China that can produce high concentration sodium hypochlorite products on site. Membrane electrolysis brine sodium hypochlorite generator can produce 4-15% high concentration sodium hypochlorite solution with a closed loop of dosing and producing fully automated operation.

The basic principle of electrolytic reaction of membrane electrolysis cell is to convert electric energy into chemical energy and electrolyze brine to produce NaOH, Cl2 and H2 as shown in the above picture.
In the anode chamber of the cell (on the right side of the picture), the brine is ionized into Na+ and Cl- in the cell, wherein Na+ migrates to the cathode chamber (left side of the picture) through a selective ionic membrane under the action of charge. The lower Cl- generates chlorine gas under anodic electrolysis. The H2O ionization in the cathode chamber becomes H+ and OH-, wherein OH- is blocked by a selective cation membrane in the cathode chamber and Na+ from the anode chamber is combined to form product NaOH, and H+ generates hydrogen under cathodic electrolysis.


NOTE: Making special design for those capacity are over 30kg/hr.


System composition


Saturated brine electrolysis complete system

Hydrochloric acid electrolysis complete system

Tap water purification system

Saturated brine refining module (primary and secondary refining)

Hydrochloric acid storage and recovery

Anolyte circulation

M-CHLOR Chlor-Alkali Film Series

Diaphragm electrolysis module


M-CHLOR Hydrochloric Acid Membrane Series

Diaphragm electrolysis module


Rectifier transformer

Rectifier transformer

Catholyte circulation

Comprehensive chemical dosing

HYPO-ACT series sodium hypochlorite synthesis module

Dechlorination and brine recovery module

Control System

Control System

Power distribution system

Power distribution system


Optional configuration: chlorine liquefaction, sodium hydroxide purification, caustic soda preparation, etc.


Application areas:


Chlorine, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite preparation

Daily chemical

Household bleach and other related preparations


Circulating water treatment


Pharmaceutical intermediates


Water purification plant

Sewage treatment plant


Economic Indicators:

Salt consumption:


Kg / Kg.Cl2

Power consumption:


kW.H / Kg.Cl2

12% sodium hypochlorite  generator CHINA&UAE
13% sodium hypochlorite  generator CHINA&UAE 
high-strength sodium hypochlorite  generator CHINA&UAE 
high-concentration  Chlorine production system CHINA&UAE