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The high-concentration 10% 12% 13% 15% sodium hypochlorite  generator CHINA is a high-concentration sodium hypochlorite synthesis system that contains two combination modules: M-CHLOR diaphragm brine/hydrochloric acid electrolysis system and HYPO-ACT sodium hypochlorite synthesis system. M-CHLOR is a kind of synthesis system that uses salt, water and electricity or hydrochloric acid. A diaphragm electrolysis process for the production of chlorine and NaOH from basic raw materials. HYPO-ACT is a chemical reaction module that generates sodium hypochlorite by chemically reacting chlorine and NaOH. The high-concentration sodium hypochlorite generation system independently developed, designed and produced by BLUEWAV. The demand is to produce different yields of sodium hypochlorite solution every day, the concentration of which is 50 g/L, 100 g/L, 125 g/L and higher concentration of sodium hypochlorite solution.

12% sodium hypochlorite  generator CHINA&UAE
13% sodium hypochlorite  generator CHINA&UAE 
high-concentration sodium hypochlorite  generator CHINA&UAE 
high-concentration  Chlorine production system CHINA&UAE

System composition


Saturated brine electrolysis complete system

Hydrochloric acid electrolysis complete system

Tap water purification system

Saturated brine refining module (primary and secondary refining)

Hydrochloric acid storage and recovery

Anolyte circulation

M-CHLOR Chlor-Alkali Film Series

Diaphragm electrolysis module


M-CHLOR Hydrochloric Acid Membrane Series

Diaphragm electrolysis module


Rectifier transformer

Rectifier transformer

Catholyte circulation

Comprehensive chemical dosing

HYPO-ACT series sodium hypochlorite synthesis module

Dechlorination and brine recovery module

Control System

Control System

Power distribution system

Power distribution system


Optional configuration: chlorine liquefaction, sodium hydroxide purification, caustic soda preparation, etc.


Application areas:


Chlorine, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite preparation

Daily chemical

Household bleach and other related preparations


Circulating water treatment


Pharmaceutical intermediates


Water purification plant

Sewage treatment plant


Economic Indicators:

Salt consumption:


Kg / Kg.Cl2

Power consumption:


kW.H / Kg.Cl2