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On Site Chlorine Gas Generation system

Salt 1.6kg + Electricity 12kw = 1kg Available Chlorine FAC.
Technical Principle:

Salt (NaCl) water Brine is electrolyzed in an electrolytic cell by ECA technology, Chlorine gas  Cl2 is generated in the anode cell, and be  immidiately dosing into water for disinfection treatment on the plant site; No hazarous explosive risk of CL2 storage on site.  It can be used widely on all kinds of water treatment plants.
Meanwhile, hydrogen H2  and NaOH liquid is generated by cathode cell.

Raw materilas: Salt, Electricity, Water;
Anode Output: CL2,
Cathode Output: NaOH, H2
Advantage compared with NACLO generator: More safe: Not required Acid Cleaning system;Less consumption raw materilias.




Project Case:  Drink Water Plant, capacity 40k liters/day, FAC 2kg/h