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This meter can gauge concentration 0-2ppm,0-20ppm. Widely used in water plants, medical disinfection equipment, hypochlorous acid generator, sodium hypochlorite generators and other sterilization and disinfection occasions; other similar applications



Detection method Polarography
Measuring range  residual chlorine:0-2mg/L,0-20.00mg/L; PH:0-14; temperture:0-60℃
Resolution 0.001mg/L,0.01mg/L,0.01pH,0.1℃
Accuracy Better than ±2% or ±0.02mg/L, ±2% or ±0.02mg/L, ±0.05pH, ±0.5℃
Compensation function Manual/automatic PH compensation function (0-14) and temperature compensation function (0-60°C)
Control interface Two groups of ON/OFF relay contacts, divided into high point and low point alarm signal photoelectric isolation output
Signal isolated output Photocoupler isolation protection 4 ~ 20mA signal output
Relay Relay hysteresis can be set arbitrarily, relay load 3A 220VAC/24VDC
Working conditions Ambient temperature is 0~60℃, relative humidity≤90%
Output load Load<500Ω(0-10mA), load<750Ω(4-20mA)
Operating Voltage 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz or order DC24V and DC12V power supply
Size 100x106x168mm
Weight 0.9Kg
Degree of protection IP65



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